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Hello We’re Transcontinental Pet Movers

We’re a company who help pets get reunited with their families. Let us understand your needs to make sure we provide you the best solution for your situation.

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IATA: Fully Accredited and Licensed to Serve You


As a CNS IATA agent, we’re able to communicate with the airline to plan your pet’s flight route and procure his/her travel ticket.

Think of us as preferred travel agent – but for pets.

Registered and Inspected by APHIS-USDA

As a Class H handler, we are licensed to provide air and land transport solutions according to the humane guidelines set by USDA and AWA.


We're members of the IPATA Global Network

Membership means that we are bound by the IPATA code of ethics in the safe transport of animals and the respect for countries import and export regulations.
It also gives us access to the latest information shared by airlines, representative agents and government bodies.


What We Do

International Pet Relocation  Export - From US

International Pet Relocation Export - From USA

It will be our absolute pleasure to be involved in your pet’s move overseas. Pay only for what you need, but we want any involvement from us to only give you more convenience. 

International Pet Relocation  Export - From US

International Pet Relocation Import - To USA

Welcome to America. There’s no need to make it complicated, if your airline needs a broker, looks us up for a quote. If it doesn’t, we’ll tell you. 

Domestic Pet Relocation - Within US

Domestic Pet Relocation - Within USA

Land transport or flight nanny, we’ll give you the options. 

International-to-International  Transit - Via US

International-to-International Transit - Via USA

Transiting via America? Let Transcontinental Pet Movers provide you with our competitive quotation. We’ll break down where you can save and still maintain your pet’s welfare. 

How Pet Travel Works With Us

Pick Up


First, we chat. Let us give you all the available options so that you can make the most informed decision about how your pet should travel. We will also provide our proposal for your consideration. 



Depending on what you need, we will carry out the required services out to get your pet where he/she needs to be. From Veterinary Services to Flight bookings.



From the time your pet leaves your side, we’ll get you as many updates as possible till he/she returns to you. 

How Pet Travel Works With Us

Love From Across The World

Thank you very much to Timothy for taking care of my dog and giving him a perfect moving trip. My dog’s journey is very difficult, from China to New York, from New York to Los Angeles, and then to Melbourne, after a very long 5 months, which is very difficult for me and my dog. Timothy takes good care of my dog and arranges my flight, which makes me feel at ease.


Sidney Yu


Thank you Timothy, and to Transcontinental Pet Movers a big thanks as well. You provided Mullika and I with a safe, sane, expeditious option to transport our Gawow ( 16lb ) male Shihtzu to Thailand. The peace of mind you gave us with your option is immeasurable! Gratefully, Gregory & Mullika Alexander, and high 🐾 5 from Gawow !!!

Mulika Alexander

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Reintroducing Lufthansa’s Frankfurt Animal Lounge

Update: Despite the Covid Pandemic, Frankfurt Animal Lounge quickly put into place new personnel schedules and quickly came back to full functionality to serve our client’s pets. There has been no noticeable drop in the quality of care. Open in September 2008,...

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Enjoy the Climate in San Francisco

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